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For Humanity Campaign Report 2021–2022

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A Year of Generosity

A Year of Generosity

With Gratitude

The first year of the university-wide For Humanity campaign was characterized by tremendous generosity from the Yale community. Thanks to our donors, this year saw the highest cash fundraising total and the second-highest commitment total in Yale’s history.

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Message from the President

Behind every Yale graduate stands the incredible community of alumni, parents, and friends whose giving makes so much possible. Your generosity helps our students thrive and become the leaders the world needs. You fuel scientific breakthroughs, new insights for understanding our world, and innovative solutions for society’s biggest challenges. With your generosity, you help Yale make the world a better place for all, and you embody the spirit of the

For Humanity campaign.

With appreciation,

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President Peter Salovey ’86 PhD
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For Impact

Making a Difference For Humanity

From first-time gifts to the Yale Alumni Fund to endowment gifts and bequests, every contribution made a difference for Yale’s people and programs. Our mission is to improve the world through research, scholarship, education, preservation, and practice. Your giving makes it all possible. 

Impact Stories

A leads to the Yale School of the Environment building

New Program to Bolster Climate Response in the Global South

With a gift from the Three Cairns Group, the Yale School of the Environment aims to educate the next generation of global environmental leaders.
Professor William Nordaus teaches his class at Yale

Alumni Come Together for Faculty Excellence

Inspired by the professors who mentored them, a group of alumni have joined to ensure Yale remains competitive in recruiting the very best faculty members.
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A New Program to Consider AI’s Global Implications

The Schmidt Program on Artificial Intelligence, Emerging Technologies, and National Power will convene a multidisciplinary group of experts to examine the implications of artificial intelligence.
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For Students

Impact Stories

Sterling Divinity Quadrangle

Yale Divinity School to Provide Full Tuition for Aided Students

Thanks to generous donor support and the endowment’s strong performance, Yale Divinity School will cover the full tuition cost for any student with demonstrated need.
Yale Law School architectural detail

Investing in Legal Education

With the creation of the Soledad ’92 and Robert Hurst Horizon Scholarship Program, Yale Law School is poised to expand its financial aid to cover full tuition for those students in greatest financial need.
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Changing Lives: Three Decades of the Fannie Rothbard Scholarship

Bobbi Mark ’76 created the Fannie Rothbard Scholarship to honor her grandmother and support women in Yale College. She will supplement it with a bequest.
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For Community

A Collective Effort

With inspiration from volunteers, Yale’s alumni, parents, and friends found many reasons to support the university this year—and many ways to come together for our shared purpose.

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Brett Zbar ’94

Brett Zbar ’94
“Gifts to the Yale Alumni Fund are used immediately where they are most needed and put Yale within reach for many students who require financial aid and additional resources. I am proud to be part of the community of donors who have a 100+ year tradition of giving back—we have a big impact when we come together.”
Brett Zbar ’94
Chair, Yale Alumni Fund Board of Directors
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Gregory Hicks ’72

Gregory Hicks ’72
“Serving as a reunion gift committee co-chair and giving to the School of Public Health helped me realize how valuable it is to translate my feelings of gratitude for Yale into meaningful action.”
Gregory Hicks ’72
Co-Chair, Class of 1972 50th Reunion Gift Committee

Reunion Giving Highlights

Members of the class of 1957 laugh with Yale President Peter Salovey

The Class of 1957 Celebrates Its 65th Reunion and Music Education

The Yale College Class of 1957 recently celebrated their 65th reunion. The class has a lifetime giving total of over $100 million, and they established the Music in Schools Initiative.
Yale's Sterling Memorial Library

Fifth Reunion Record Breakers

The classes of 2015 and 2016 recently both broke the record for the amount raised for a fifth-year reunion. Both classes celebrated their reunions together on campus in June 2022.
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Chris McGowan & Sandy Wang P ’24

Chris McGowan and Sandy Wang P ’24
“Through gifts large and small, Yale parents demonstrate the importance of supporting our students as they prepare for lives of leadership and service. We are truly grateful to be part of the Yale parent community, and we are excited to continue working together to advance the mission of the university.”
Chris McGowan & Sandy Wang P ’24
Current Chairs, Parents Leadership Council
For Humanity Campaign Committee

For Humanity Campaign Committee

The committee helps execute the fundraising and engagement strategies of the campaign and champions the impact that its success will make possible. Many members also lead regional and task-based groups comprised of additional volunteers who serve as ambassadors for the campaign around the world.
Nathan Hale statue

Alumni Fund Board of Directors

The board’s mission is to guide and support the fundraising programs of the Alumni Fund, Yale’s annual giving program, to raise unrestricted gifts for immediate use.
Parents Leadership Council

Parents Leadership Council

These committed parents are ambassadors of the university, and they provide leadership support for the university’s highest priorities.
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Harkness Tower


Commitments: Annual Totals

Each year’s commitment total reflects gifts and new pledges received between July 1 and June 30.

Cash: Annual Totals

Each year’s cash total reflects gifts and pledge payments received between July 1 and June 30.

Commitments by Source

Individual donors, including alumni, parents, and friends, provided 66 percent of the giving total. Organizations, including corporations and foundations, provided 34 percent.
Other individuals
Other organizations

Commitments by Category: Endowment

Of $905.7 million in commitments, nearly $369 million was directed to Yale’s endowment, the key resource supporting professorships, scholarships, curriculum development, and other essential functions of the university. Yale’s spending and investment policies provide substantial levels of cash flow to the operating budget for current needs, while preserving endowment purchasing power for future generations.
Financial Aid
Research and Publications
Other Programs and Purposes
Other Categories*

*Other Categories includes Art and Library Acquisitions ($0.1M); Facilities and Maintenance ($2.4M); Teaching and Faculty Support ($0.5M).

Annual Giving

Reunion Giving

The Yale Endowment

The endowment contributed $1.57 billion to the university’s operating budget. This figure represents 32 percent of Yale’s net revenues. More than 40 percent of new gifts and pledges, or $369 million, were directed to the Yale endowment. With these gifts and a 0.8 percent investment return, the endowment’s value was $41.38 billion as of June 30, 2022.

Impact of Gifts to the Endowment

Since 1950, nearly 79 percent of the endowment’s value has derived from gifts and the investment performance on those gifts. Over the past twenty years, Yale’s endowment has significantly outperformed the median endowment, with annualized returns of 11.3 percent as of June 30, 2022.
1950 endowment without subsequent gifts (billions)
Actual endowment market value (billions)

Effect of Investment Performance on Gifts

Yale’s endowment performance multiplies the impact of your endowed gift. This chart shows the growth of a $100,000 scholarship over ten years in the Yale endowment as compared with the mean endowment performance of a broad universe of colleges and universities. Over the ten years ending June 30, 2022, a $100,000 scholarship at Yale would have grown to $310,597 exclusive of spending. With annual payouts, this same fund would have produced $64,365 to support students, finishing at $202,701.
Yale Endowment
Mean of broad universe of colleges and universities
For Humanity

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