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Yale School of Music students pause during an instrumental ensemble rehearsal
Arts & Humanities for Insight

Arts & Humanities for Insight
Unlock society’s untapped potential by blending scholarship and creativity.
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Science for Breakthroughs

Science for Breakthroughs
Push science to new frontiers that create transformative, global solutions.
Detail of solar panels on the roof of Yale's Kroon Hall

Work together to ensure one field’s insights fuel another’s breakthroughs.
Students paint on the glass wall of the Yale School of Management building

Shape aspiring leaders to serve all sectors of society.
Flowers infront of Yale Divinity School

November 16, 2021

Groundbreaking Set for Yale Divinity School’s Living Village

Yale Divinity School will soon begin construction on the Living Village—a pioneering residential complex that will be a landmark in environmental design and sustainable living.

March 3, 2021

Climate Change Solutions are Focus of New FedEx-Supported Center

A $100 million gift from FedEx helped launch the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture, a new multidisciplinary research hub focused on developing natural solutions for reducing atmospheric carbon.
Patient wearing an electrode cap

September 9, 2021

Humanity is Always Top of Mind

Learning more about how we perceive, how we think, and the ways in which we're connected may be the most important endeavor of our time.
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President Peter Salovey ’86 PhD

Yale President Peter Salovey
“Let us embrace, together, our humility—our willingness to admit what we have yet to discover. After all, if you knew all the answers, you would not need Yale. And if humanity knew all the answers, the world would not need Yale.”
President Peter Salovey ’86 PhD
View of Harkness Tower

Campaign Leadership

Volunteers are a cornerstone of alumni affairs and development at Yale. The alumni, parents, and friends who serve as volunteers inform our strategies by sharing the interests and perspectives of their peers. They connect Yale to our wider community, inspire others, and contribute to the success of the For Humanity campaign.
For Humanity

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