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Humanity Is the Heart of It All

For Humanity is the most ambitious fundraising effort in Yale’s history, guided by our mission to improve the world now and for future generations. We are making bold investments for the greatest impact, ensuring that our faculty and students have the support they need as they tackle the most critical challenges facing humankind.

Yale makes extraordinary contributions to every human endeavor. Through teaching and research. In science, engineering, and medicine. Across the arts and humanities. For Humanity builds on our unique strengths. Its four priority areas encompass the people, programs, and projects at Yale that expand our potential to make a difference around the globe.

Yale School of Music students pause during an instrumental ensemble rehearsal
Arts & Humanities for Insight

Arts & Humanities for Insight
Unlock society’s untapped potential by blending scholarship and creativity.
A thin section of a brain on a glass plate
Science for Breakthroughs

Science for Breakthroughs
Push science to new frontiers that create transformative, global solutions.
Detail of solar panels on the roof of Yale's Kroon Hall
Collaborating for Impact

Collaborating for Impact
Work together to ensure one field’s insights fuel another’s breakthroughs.
Students paint on the glass wall of the Yale School of Management building
Leaders for A Better World

Leaders for A Better World
Shape aspiring leaders to serve all sectors of society.

Strategic Goals

A university-wide effort, the For Humanity campaign is an opportunity to engage the entire Yale community. In addition to a financial target of $7 billion, our strategic goals support transparency, inclusion, and President Salovey’s vision of a stronger, more unified Yale.

Strengthen the bonds that connect alumni

Encourage alumni to engage with each other and with Yale through volunteerism, philanthropy, shared experiences, and communication. Sustain Yale’s relevance to alumni from the day they graduate.

Strengthen our foundation for the future

Continue to build and fortify relationships with alumni, parents, individuals, and organizations without previous affiliation with Yale. Nurture lifelong engagement with alumni of diverse backgrounds.

Energize our entire Yale community

Improve our community’s understanding of philanthropy and how it impacts students, faculty members, and staff. Partner with faculty and university leadership to communicate campaign priorities.
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People are Our Greatest Strength

For Humanity

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