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School of Art

The Gift of Expression

A stroke of the paintbrush across blank canvas. A considered snapshot composed in frame. Found materials rearranged to convey something wholly new. Support for the School of Art keeps inspiration and imagination alive in the classroom and the studio, where students express themselves as artists and as members of a creative community. Their work gives us new takes on beauty, new truths, and new paths to a better future. Your giving makes it possible.

State of the Art

Since 1869, the School of Art has trained artists and designers of the highest caliber. Each year, talented students join this illustrious group to exchange ideas, push new boundaries, and explore their full potential at Yale. The decision to pursue a professional arts degree is significant, and success can take decades to achieve as debt accumulates and distractions arise. So that every graduate can confidently embark on the career of their choice, the School of Art aims to meet the full demonstrated need of all admitted students.

Key Contacts

The Art Barn at Yale Norfolk School of Art

December 15, 2020

A Labor of Love

Alumni and community members fund Norfolk Art Barn renovations.
David Bordett Art Background Image

September 23, 2020

Nurturing Artistic Talent

Regina Serniak Stewart establishes a scholarship fund in her late husband’s name, allowing students at the School of Art to focus their energies on their art.
For Humanity

Make a Difference

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