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Giving with a Global Reach

Leadership on a global stage requires character, intellect, and a commitment to dialogue. Donors to the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs support the education of such leaders, within a community of outstanding faculty members, distinguished practitioners, and other talented students from around the world. Now, the Jackson Institute is poised to become the Jackson School, expanding its mission of teaching, research, and community building. With your support, this new, stronger Jackson will emerge to help us confront the day’s most daunting challenges with wisdom, facts, collaboration, and courage.

New Research Excellence

As it transitions to a school, Jackson will also embrace the research mission of the university. A world-class faculty, with many positions held jointly with other professional schools at Yale, will drive a robust research program that sets the intellectual agenda for how to address global affairs. This research will be academically grounded but also bear on real-world problems, providing the intellectual underpinnings for evidence-based policy making. The ultimate goal of this work is to solve key global problems—international relations, war, trade, economic development, ethnic conflict, migration, health, and climate—shaping a better future for all of humanity.

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June 28, 2019

Launching the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs

Thanks to a transformative gift from John Jackson ’67 and his wife, Susan, the Yale Jackson Institute is poised to become the Yale Jackson School of Global Affairs, a full-fledged professional school with a broader mandate and enhanced resources.
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September 9, 2021

Emissaries for the Future of Diplomacy

At the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, students, faculty members, practitioners, and leaders from both sides of the aisle join in tackling global and political challenges through teaching, research, and dialogue.
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