Sterling Memorial Library’s Iconic L&B Room to Be Restored

The Linonia and Brothers Room in Sterling Memorial Library will be renovated, thanks to generous support from alumni. This cherished space will be updated with modern heating, cooling, and lighting technology, while its finishes and furniture will be restored and maintained.

The green leather chairs and cozy atmosphere are trademarks of Sterling Memorial Library’s Linonia and Brothers Room. Students use them to read, study, or even snooze. This room is a beloved part of both the library and Yale’s campus.

A renovation will restore and update the room so that future students can relax and study there in comfort, renewing this cherished space and maintaining its welcoming and tranquil atmosphere, said Barbara Rockenbach, the Stephen F. Gates ’68 University Librarian.

University Library Council member J. Frederick Berg, Jr. ’66 has made a lead gift to support the renovation, which is slated to begin next year. Work will include refurbishing the millwork, ornamental ceiling, and vast stone fireplace. Original parquet floors will be restored and feature area rugs. The room’s chandeliers will be refinished and feature efficient LED lighting. The signature green armchairs and divans will be reupholstered and left in place. A new HVAC system will bring much-needed ventilation and climate control.

Read more about the upcoming Linonia and Brothers renovation.

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