A Safe Haven for At-Risk Scholars

Yale is growing its Scholars at Risk program, which brings academics from around the world to campus so they can continue their work without fear of persecution.

Yale’s Scholars at Risk initiative welcomes professors, writers, artists, and activists from around the world to campus, providing temporary professional appointments and refuge from the dangers they face in their home countries.

President Peter Salovey and Provost Scott Strobel have decided to increase Yale’s investment in this program, improving its infrastructure and allowing it to bring approximately seven additional scholars to campus per year, doubling the size of the program.  

“Given the many global crises that are endangering scholars around the world, Yale will build on its existing efforts to provide a safe haven for imperiled researchers, artists, and thinkers,” Salovey said. “These new investments in the program will strengthen our ability to bring at-risk scholars to campus so that they can safely continue their work in a supportive environment. Their presence here enriches our intellectual community and reminds us of the importance of academic freedom and free expression.”

Read more about how Yale is supporting these scholars and their work.

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