New Grant Helps Yale Lead Multidisciplinary Blockchain Center

Yale scientists are leading a new cross-institutional center for the research of blockchain technology, funded by a grant from the Algorand Foundation.

A grant from the Algorand Foundation will help establish a new center for researching blockchain technology, led by Yale researchers. Charalampos Papamanthou, associate professor of computer science, will head an interdisciplinary group conducting detailed work on blockchain systems and their connections to law and economics. The group includes scientists and researchers from Yale, Columbia University, City College of New York, and Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

The Algorand Foundation’s grant of $5.75 million will fund PAVE: A Center for Privacy, Accountability, Verification and Economics of Blockchain Systems. An international cohort of scientists, experts, and researchers, including Zhong Shao, the Thomas L. Kempner Professor of Computer Science and Chair of the Department of Computer Science at Yale, have joined PAVE. The team will advance blockchain technology, making it more secure and scalable. They will also explore the effects of blockchain on legal and economic matters such as contracts, privacy, cryptocurrency, and regulation. PAVE will expand awareness and implementation of blockchain, creating courses to promote its use for the benefit of society.

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