Groundbreaking Set for Yale Divinity School’s Living Village

Yale Divinity School will soon begin construction on the Living Village—a pioneering residential complex that will be a landmark in environmental design and sustainable living.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and now with the approval of the Yale Corporation, Yale Divinity School (YDS) is proceeding with the design and construction of its highly anticipated Living Village residential complex. In 2023, YDS will break ground on the first phase of this history-making student facility, which will open in 2024. The complex will derive all of its energy from the sun and its water from precipitation; it is designed around rigorous sustainability principles.

“After years of planning and seeking support, we are thrilled that the Living Village is becoming a reality,” Dean Greg Sterling said. “We are deeply grateful for the donors who have generously supported the project. The project will not only challenge universities and colleges in North America and around the globe to rethink sustainable residences, but it will offer many of our students subsidized housing that will make their education more affordable.”

Anticipated to be the largest residential living-building project in higher education, when complete the Living Village will house roughly 150 students. The first phase of construction will create housing for thirty to sixty students. This initial phase will also build critical infrastructure like the complex’s power plant. As additional funds are raised, more portions of the Living Village will be constructed.

Read more about YDS’s upcoming Living Village.

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