Torosaurus outside the Peabody Museum

Yale Peabody Museum

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Home to an extensive collection of objects and artifacts, the Yale Peabody Museum tells the story of our planet, the life it supports, and the history and cultures it has fostered. Now, a major renovation is under way that will reinvent the Peabody for the twenty-first century and beyond, securing its reputation for cutting-edge research, extraordinary education, and breathtaking exhibitions. Giving to the Peabody can support the renovation, ongoing education and research, and new initiatives targeting sustainability, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Natural History for a Better Future

Museums are much more than curators of collections and custodians of the past. At the Yale Peabody Museum, experts are identifying how to use research, exhibits, and programs to inspire students and visitors, call attention to global issues, and foster understanding of different cultures. Through conscientious effort, the Peabody aims to bring its collections to the widest possible audience and employ its work to improve the world.

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Meteorite specimen

September 19, 2023

World-Class Meteorite Collection Donated to Yale

The Yale Peabody Museum’s large and scientifically significant meteorite collection expands with a generous donation from the Planetary Studies Foundation.
Renovations underway at the Peabody Museum

November 10, 2021

Peabody Museum Will Reopen with Free Admission Forever

Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History will offer free admission forever when it reopens in 2024, following a major renovation.
A dinosaur skeleton on view at the Peabody Museum

June 3, 2020

Sparking Interest in STEM

An afterschool program at the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History gets local high school students excited about STEM and prepares them for college. A generous donor has created the program’s first endowment.
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