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School of Public Health

Science, Health, and Health Equity

Health for all. That’s the vision of the School of Public Health, and it permeates every facet of our teaching, research, policy, and practice. Your campaign contributions help to keep students and faculty members at the forefront of discovery, prevention, and mitigation of disease. Even more, your support advances programs and policies that increase access to healthcare, reduce stigma, mitigate the impact of climate change on health, and secure the wellbeing of populations at risk of being left behind in a rapidly changing world.

Solutions for a Healthier World

The School of Public health is committed to creating a healthier future for all by uncovering the causes of poor health and applying evidence-based solutions. Our students and faculty members look beyond the biology of disease to investigate how structural and social factors shape the experiences of people from every community, rich or poor. Our goal is to develop more effective interventions, better health policies, and societal changes leading to greater, more equitable access to healthcare and healthy living.

Key Contacts

Raj Nooyi, Indra Nooyi ’80 MPPM, and Albert Ko

January 3, 2022

Leadership in Public Health

Indra Nooyi ’80 MPPM and Raj Nooyi have endowed a professorship at the Yale School of Public Health to recognize the school’s leadership during the COVID-19 worldwide crisis.
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October 14, 2021

Integrating Humanities and the Arts for Public Health

Michael Shulman ’04 supports the Humanities, Arts and Public Health Practice at Yale (HAPPY) program to bring an interdisciplinary arts approach to public health.
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