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School of Music

Inspire the Music Makers

The Yale School of Music prepares exceptional students for service to the profession and to society. We foster a vibrant musical environment where graduate-level performers and composers realize their highest artistic potential with an internationally distinguished faculty. When donors support the School of Music, our students can thrive in a dynamic and intellectually rich environment that values—and inspires—their distinct musical voices.

Dream Big

To study at the only school of music in the Ivy League is to explore the craft’s illustrious past and engage with its present in near-limitless ways. It is where the world’s most exceptional performers and composers discover their voices, styles, and points of view. Whether performing onstage at Sprague Memorial Hall or writing an original score, students at the School of Music fulfill their highest potential before going on to serve the profession and society at large.

Key Contacts

Norfolk Music Shed Concert

December 12, 2022

Tuning Up for the Future

A major renovation project begins at the Yale Summer School of Music/Norfolk Chamber Music Festival.
Daniel Graham ’63 MM

April 1, 2020

Striking the Right Note

The School of Music’s richly collaborative culture continues to inspire pianist Daniel Graham ’63 MM.
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