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Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

Answering the Hard Questions

At the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, students and faculty members seek answers to challenging questions. They expand the sum of knowledge, even as they prepare for careers in academia, industry, policy, and service. Giving in support of fellowships, research opportunities, and community life positions these students for success.

Advancing and Sharing Knowledge

At the Graduate School, scholars come together to increase our collective understanding of the world. Our students, working alongside faculty members and postdocs, explore topics ranging from cells to societies to galaxies. Their efforts can keep people healthy, safe, and prosperous; help us learn to avoid conflict and negotiate peace; better understand human interactions, from the cellular level to the behavioral; and create a more sustainable and equitable society. Graduate students are at the very center of Yale’s mission. Your gifts support them and their essential work.

Key Contact

Kathryn Graves ’23 PhD

October 11, 2023

For Advances in Neuroscience: Kathryn Graves ’23 PhD

In her research, Kathryn Graves ’23 PhD uses novel methods to understand our brains
Zlatko Minev ’18 PhD

October 9, 2023

For Scientific Discovery: Zlatko Minev ’18 PhD

Quantum physicist Zlatko Minev ’18 PhD aims to achieve the impossible

January 20, 2023

Cultivating a Love for Science: Anaa Andriyash ’26 PhD

For Anaa Andriyash ’26 PhD, Yale is fertile ground for pioneering lab research in molecular biology
For Humanity

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