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Science Priorities

Knowledge Changes Everything

As human beings, we are elevated by knowledge of ourselves and our world. And sometimes, a fact we learn becomes a tool we can use to solve important problems. Scientists at Yale are in the business of expanding what we know, teasing out data—and solutions—from a universe that is much bigger than we are.

Data and Computer Science

Humanity is in the midst of a data revolution. As technologies from smartphones to medical devices capture more data, researchers are developing new ways to convert that data into knowledge. Yale’s efforts in data science and computer science promise to transform nearly every area of scholarship and human endeavor, shaping how we design medical treatments, understand evolution, protect the environment, and more.

To further support the students and researchers working at the forefront of this field, Yale is launching new initiatives in how we teach computer science and conduct integrative data science research—a campus-wide effort that will unite departments across disciplines and facilitate the sharing of resources and expertise. As these initiatives advance the capabilities of modern data tools, they will also benefit the array of disciplines that generate and rely on data—an effort that promises profound and far-reaching impacts.

A Yale physics researcher develops components of a quantum computer
A Yale physics researcher develops components of a quantum computer

Quantum Science, Engineering, and Materials

Quantum science has entered a new age of discovery. Recent breakthroughs are enabling scientists to reshape how we compute and communicate, launch advanced technologies, create new materials, and help solve the biggest mysteries of our universe.

A global leader in quantum science, Yale has committed to establishing a quantum initiative—a university-wide effort to unite Yale’s strengths in engineering, physics, chemistry, and materials science. This initiative will advance the field of quantum science, enhance human understanding, and drive discovery in every scientific discipline.

A student working in a neuroscience research laboratory
A student working in a neuroscience research laboratory

Neuroscience: From Molecules to Mind

With its network of one hundred billion neurons, the human brain is a deeply complex organ. For the first time, a comprehensive understanding of the brain and nervous system is within reach, along with the promise that we can uncover the causes of neurological disease and neurodegeneration, how to restore cognition after injury, and the drivers of learner, memory, and cognition.

Neuroscience research takes place at a range of scales—from genes and molecules, to cells and circuits, to the entire brain—and encompasses several disciplines. To push the boundaries of neuroscience research, Yale is integrating its outstanding intellectual, academic, clinical, and technological resources into a neuroscience initiative—a first-of-its-kind effort that will coordinate research programs to form a deeper understanding of brain function, from molecules to mind.

Inflammation Science

Recent discoveries have revealed that many of the most life-threatening diseases humans face today—including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimers disease, depression, and obesity—all share a common thread. In each, the bodys inflammatory response is imbalanced, either too aggressive or insufficient. A deeper understanding of inflammation could open new doors for preventing, treating, and curing the most pervasive illnesses of our time.

At Yale, scientists are working to uncover how inflammation is regulated, how it becomes imbalanced, and how that leads to disease. By pursuing new questions and approaches, Yale researchers aim to revolutionize our understanding of inflammation’s role in disease and reveal innovative strategies for addressing today’s most serious illnesses, an endeavor that will have lasting impacts on human life and health.

Planetary Solutions

Affecting all of life on Earth, climate change is one of the biggest and most pressing challenges of our time. Rising to meet this challenge will require an unprecedented commitment of resources, expertise, and will, and Yale has a diverse range of strengths to contribute.

Yale is leveraging its strengths through the Planetary Solutions Project, a campus-wide mission to amplify the critical work taking place throughout Yale’s departments and professional schools. The project encompasses three major goals: to mitigate global warming and environmental concerns; adapt to a changing planet; and engage individuals, organizations, and governments to facilitate action. Through this effort, the university will accelerate cutting-edge research and transform scientific understanding into effective environmental policies and tools.

For Humanity

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