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San Francisco, CA

New Paradigms for Understanding Human Health: Improving Lives through Discovery and Data

October 22, 2022 • San Francisco, CA

About the Program

Yale faculty and alumni are at the forefront of a groundbreaking interdisciplinary approach to understanding the patterns that contribute to disease and health.

On October 22, more than 300 members of the Yale community in northern California gathered for a wide-ranging exploration of advances in inflammation science, the implications of the genetic revolution, innovations in biomedical engineering and drug discovery, and the use of technology to reimagine the collection and use of data in predicting health outcomes. 

Read more about the For Humanity Illuminated event series.

Program Highlights

For Humanity Illuminated | 01:22:25

San Francisco: Human Health Paradigms

Theme Video: For Humanity Illuminated San Francisco

Featured Speakers

Panel Discussion

Presidential Remarks


Craig Crews

Craig Crews P ’19

John C. Malone Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology; Professor of Chemistry and of Pharmacology
Eric Friedman ’99, ’00 MS

​​​​​​​Eric Friedman ’99, ’00 MS

Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, FitBit
Anjelica Gonzalez

Anjelica Gonzalez

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Faculty Director of Tsai CITY; Head of College, Davenport College
Akiko Iwasaki

Akiko Iwasaki

Sterling Professor of Immunobiology; Professor of Dermatology and of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and of Epidemiology
Smita Krishnaswamy

Smita Krishnaswamy

Associate Professor of Genetics and of Computer Science
Rahul Prasad ’87 PhD

Rahul Prasad ’87 PhD

President, Yale Club of San Francisco
Peter Salovey ’86 PhD

Peter Salovey ’86 PhD

President; Chris Argyris Professor of Psychology
David Sze ’88, P ՚22, P ՚24

David Sze ’88, P ’22, P ’24

University Trustee
Jim Tananbaum ’85, P ’18, P ’21

James Tananbaum ’85, P ’18, P ’21

Founder and CEO, Foresite Capital