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Graduate Support

Drive Discovery

Students at Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences create knowledge. They make vital discoveries. They plumb the depths of the human condition and the natural world, and they share what they uncover. They are the heart of Yale’s laboratories and undergraduate teaching, and they go on to become leaders, researchers, teachers, and innovators in every sector.

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Bring the brightest minds to Yale

Graduate students are anthropologists, mathematicians, astronomers, computer scientists, microbiologists, historians, psychologists, language scholars, and more. Many pursue joint-degree programs that broaden their thinking and their skills. And when the brightest come to Yale, they attract even more talented students and faculty members.

With a gift to support graduate fellowships at Yale, you can drive discovery and propel research. Your gift helps to provide each doctoral student with full tuition funding, a stipend for housing and meals, and healthcare coverage—support that enables Yale to compete for the world’s best minds.

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Alessandro Zulli ’26 PhD

Alessandro Zulli ’26 PhD
“I’m a firm believer that it’s part of our job as researchers to contribute where we can to societal problems, like COVID…. The support of donors allows us to do these cutting-edge things.”
Alessandro Zulli ’26 PhD

Bridge disciplines and advance knowledge

The world needs the work of graduate students. Yale students address the most pressing questions in every discipline, from philosophy to physics to political science. Among a community with diverse interests, backgrounds, and trajectories, they create knowledge and realize potential.

In every discipline, fellowships create new opportunities for graduate students to pursue their most innovative, boundary-spanning ideas. Fellowships allow them to work collaboratively across departments, applying interdisciplinary solutions to complex problems.

In the sciences, fellowships also accelerate research by allowing faculty members to staff their labs optimally. As reliable, stable sources of funding, fellowships reduce the need for faculty members to seek external grants. Fellowships are also more flexible than grants, giving students opportunities to follow their research wherever it leads.

Your gift can unlock new ways for our graduate students to cross traditional boundaries and draw from a wide range of knowledge and training. With a gift to fund graduate fellowships, you can help our graduate students flourish in an atmosphere of collaboration and discovery.

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